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George Orr

Picture of Sharon Owens, who looks like Barbra Streisand, in black, low-cut dress sleeveless, holding mike on black background

A Tribute to

Rod Stewart

George Orr has the hairdo – the voice – the persona – to pull off making a living as a Rod Stewart impersonator; he looks enough like Stewart that Rod asked him to open shows while on tour in the U.S.  George has that perfect rasp in his  voice.  On stage, Orrdidn’t simply sing Rod Stewart hits with as much passion and feeling as Rod does, he played a persona.  His Rod Stewart has a bit of Don Rickles in him.  Orr had a good time going after audience members for everything from their attire to not paying enough attention  to his singing.  They give him standing ovations after all the classic hits.  Can’t see Rod Stewart?  Go see George Orr.  The Hot Rod Show was voted best evening of entertainment by City Link Magazine, Palm Beach, FL.


“To Hot Rod: Almost as Hot as Me.”

Rod Stewart